Love Tarot and the Reversed Nine of Wands

Understanding the Reversed Nine of Wands in a Love Tarot Reading

When the Reversed Nine of Wands appears in a love tarot reading, it can have several implications. The first often deals with the fact that you may feel as though you can’t stand up for yourself in your love relationships. If you have been in a long term relationship, you may be at a crossroad with your partner. You need to be aware of any unhealthy behaviors you are participating in. Rigidity or a lack of flexibility can be adding unwanted pressure to your relationship. If you feel as though your partner may be lacking sensitivity or understanding, this would be the time to stick up for yourself. Pay attention to how you do this. The best course of action is to be firm yet diplomatic.

In some cases, a reversed Nine of Wands tarot card can refer to your own lack of confidence or self-esteem. If you are single or have just newly met someone it’s important that you recognize all the things that you do bring to a relationship. Loving yourself ensure that you will choose a loving partner. You may need to address your own self-esteem issues.

A reversed Nine of Pentacles can also signify a stressful time. Your responsibilities may be wearing you down and you may simply lack the energy to put into your love life. In love tarot readings, a reversed Nine of Wands sometimes suggests that you may have over committed yourself. A love interest may feel neglected or under-appreciated. You may want to look into ways that you can help you let go of some of your current obligations. Planning and organization can help you deal with feeling burdened or maxed out.

Finally, a Reversed Nine of Pentacles can indicate a fear of commitment. This is particularly true in a love tarot reading.  You or your love interest may feel overly burdened by other responsibilities. As a consequence there may be some reluctance to add another obligation such as committing to a long term relationship. Pressuring yourself or your partner right now will only increase feelings of anxiety or frustration.  For the time being, it may be best to let go of your expectations of yourself or your love partner.

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