Love Tarot and the Reversed Nine of Swords

Understanding the Reversed Nine of Swords in a Love Tarot reading

In love tarot readings, a reversed Nine of Swords often indicates that you must be willing to face your own doubts or fears. This may mean that you need to have a honest and open conversation with your love interest about your true feelings. If you have been keeping these fears inside, it could have the potential to negatively affect your relationship. The best course of action is to state what you are afraid of or let your love interest know about your concerns.

If you have yet to deal with the loss or frustration from an old relationship in your past, you may have to do so in order for you to develop a healthy relationship in the here and now. Learning about your past can help you deal with how you relate to your current partner. It’s important that you recognize any patterns or behaviors that stem form past hurt or rejection.

In many cases, a reversed Nine of Swords can have positive implications. You suddenly may find yourself feeling much freer or less burdened. Any anxiety about your relationship may merely be a product of your own imagination, particularly in a love tarot reading. Your relationship has the opportunity to take a turn for the better if you allow yourself to cast away any fears or doubts.  This is a great opportunity to practice being yourself. If your partner can’t appreciate who you truly are, then they most likely aren’t the right match for you.

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Nine of Swords tarot card can indicate that a new hope will enter your relationship. If you and your love interest have been struggling, help may be on the way. If you have ever considered seeing a counselor, this would be the ideal time to do so. Positive interventions or reinforcement can help your relationship reach a new found level of intimacy.

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