Love Tarot and the Reversed Magician Card

Understanding a Reversed Magician Card in Love Tarot Readings

In love tarot readings, a reversed Magician card can indicate the need to take a closer examination of your love interest. He or she may be presenting themselves in a way that may seem appealing, but doesn’t necessarily represent who they truly are. The Magician Tarot card can often reference individuals that are good at self-promotion. They may be more interested in the game of love verses truly wanting to get into a long lasting relationship. This would be the time to wait until you get to know someone before leaping into action.

On another level, your own fear of rejection may be prohibiting you from enjoying a love relationship. In love tarot readings, a reversed Magician card can indicate that there may be some doubt as to if this is the right person for you. It’s important to recognize if your past love experiences are influencing your current state of mind.

In love tarot readings, the Magician tarot card can also indicate that your low self-esteem and self-confidence may be causing you to question yourself. This can also be true for your potential love interest. You may need to come up with a creative way to share your time with your love interest. Avoid high pressure situations and aim for something in a more relaxed setting.  Remember that you are not applying for a job. You’re just getting to know someone.

If you are in a committed relationship, the reversed Magician tarot card can indicate that the relationship may be off balance. One person’s needs are trumping the others. Be careful you are not focusing all of your attention on getting your needs met and are failing to acknowledge your partner’s. If it is you who feels as though you are not getting an adequate amount of attention, make sure you express this to your partner in an open and honest way.

Sometimes the reversed Magician tarot card can indicate someone who is domineering or controlling. This is particularly true when it comes to Love tarot readings. If this is the case, you may need to stand up for yourself. Try to remember that domineering behavior often has its roots in feeling out of control or afraid. Be willing to assert yourself when necessary but remain rational when communicating this to your love partner. Forcing them to change their behavior can cause further disruption. Remember that taking care of your self is also important.

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