Love Tarot and the Reversed Knight of Wands

Understanding the Reversed Knight of Wands in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Knight of Wands can often represent an individual that may be irresponsible, hasty or unwilling to commit. They can tend to be impatient or indecisive. Putting pressure on this type of an individual could potentially cause them to withdraw from you. Unfortunately, you may feel as though your relationship is unstable or lacks a solid foundation to provide you with a sense of security. There may also be a number of changes that could be potentially affecting your relationship. If you are feeling overwhelmed, the best course of action is to not make any hasty decisions right now.

In some cases, a reversed Knight of Wands can indicate feelings of frustration, miscommunications or potential arguments with your love partner. It’s important to remain self-aware about your own behaviors. You can’t change someone. They have to be willing to change themselves first. In a love tarot reading, a reversed Knight of Wands can indicate that you are your love interest may not share similar ideas or beliefs. Forcing them to see things your way can cause further friction within your relationship

Of course, when the reversed Knight of Wands appears in a tarot spread that relates to love, there may be an issue with commitment. You may find that you or your partner may have a separation due to upcoming travel plans or a possible move.

If you are single and the Knight of Wands appears in a love tarot reading it can indicate that you may just meet a new partner. They will appear quite zealous in the beginning, but lack the maturity to stay in a committed relationship. Be wary before you just give your heart away. It’s imperative that you let things develop slowly. Jumping in too fast can leave you vulnerable to getting hurt. Hasty behavior can have unwanted consequences. Remember that you are worth waiting for.

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