Love Tarot and the Reversed Knight of Swords

Understanding the Reversed Knight of Swords in a Love Tarot Reading

When it comes to a love tarot reading, the reversed Knight of Swords can often indicate delays or departures. In some cases, a reversed Knight of Swords can refer to the ending of a relationship or romantic tie. This can often happen quite quickly and can leave you feeling completely caught off guard. It can represents an individual or partner that may only be in a relationship for the challenge. They may lack sensitivity towards your feelings and will feel little remorse for the havoc their own words or actions may cause you.

If the reversed Knight of Swords does indeed represent a love partner or interest, it can suggest that although they are quick to defend their beliefs and values, their own rigidity can cause others to push them away.  The reversed Knight of Swords need to vigilantly stand up for what he believes in can sometimes cause other people to get hurt in the process

Knights of Swords are certainly prone to engage in fights or arguments. If you draw this knight in a love tarot reading, be prepared for some upcoming miscommunications or disagreements with your love interest. Be careful that you and your partner do not have any growing resentments. It’s best to get your concerns out in the open.  The best approach is to remain neutral and diplomatic. You have a much better chance of getting your point across when things remain calm. More importantly, you and your partner must be willing to compromise.

Be wary of bringing your work concerns home with you and certainly do not take your frustrations out on your love partner. Keep an eye on your own behavior and make sure you have a place to process your own feelings without taking them out on your partner.

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