Love Tarot and the Reversed High Priestess

Understanding A Reversed High Priestess in a Love Tarot Reading

Whatever the situation, a reversed High Priestess is always an invitation to once again reconnect to your own intuition. A Love tarot reading is no different. In fact, when a reversed High Priestess appears in a Love Tarot reading, it is usually an indicator that you are failing to listen to your own gut. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are in an unhealthy relationship. Rather, it is typically an indication that you alone have the answers you seek.

However, this is not a process that requires intuition alone. A reversed High Priestess encourages you to balance your head and your heart. The real issue lies in the difficulty in identify the callings of your heart verses your intuitive process. When it comes to matters of the love and romance, the heart is often the loudest. When the High Priestess appears in a love tarot reading, is often wise to do a little soul searching. You need more information to make a concrete decision. A reversed High Priestess Tarot Card seldom encourages immediate action, rather it is an invitation to once again begin to address what your inner self may be telling you.

Another important element to a Reversed High Priestess card in a Love Tarot reading, is the potential for you to say yes when you really mean no. Be careful that you and your love interest are not respecting boundaries. It’s also important for you to begin to identify if you are agreeing with someone just to get their approval. Inner resentments may be brewing or there may be a deep fear of being abandoned or rejected. It’s also important to own your own power, and at the same time, respect the power of your love interest.

Finally, in love tarot readings, a reversed High Priestess can indicate a period where you may be plagued with increased anxiety or worry. Because the High Priestess tarot card is often associated to the unconscious, you may have deeper feelings come up. Ignoring them or pretending their not there won’t serve you. The best approach is to accept and embrace them. They have something to teach you and in the end can be a great guiding force.

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