Love Tarot and the Reversed Four of Wands Card

Understanding the Reversed Four of Wands Card in a Love Tarot Reading

When it comes to a tarot reading that focuses on love matters, a reversed Four of Wands can indicate that your insecurities or lack of confidence is inhibiting your love life. This would be the time to once again embrace who you really are, regardless of any imperfections you may have about yourself. In love relationships, there often needs to be an element of acceptance, both for yourself and for your partner. Don’t let old disappointments prevent you from being spontaneous or adventurous in love. Every new romance requires a little risk taking.

If you have recently met someone and seem to be having a great time, you may need to become aware that at some point every relationship requires some effort. If you are merely seeking a short lived quick romantic interlude, it may be coming to an end. You may find yourself wanting a more meaningful relationship or your partner may wish to have a deeper commitment. Things may become a bit more serious and you can expect a new level of accountability.

If you are currently in a long term relationship, the reversed Four of Wands tarot card can indicate some upcoming difficulties or challenges. Your dreams or expectations may be falling short. In a tarot reading, a reversed Four of Wands can indicate temporary setbacks or delays. The good news is that these are usually only temporary and if you and your partner are committed to each other for the long run, things will most likely work out.

Finally, if you feel as though you would like more of a commitment but your partner is hesitating, this would not be the time to force the issue. In a tarot reading, a reversed Four of Wands can refer to the need to sit back and wait. Your diligence and hard work will ultimately pay off. It would be wise to work on developing a deeper friendship. This will help you build a strong foundation for the future of your relationship. Try not to worry yourself about the outcome of your situation. If this relationship is truly meant to be, then you have nothing to do but show up with a positive attitude.

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