Love Tarot and the Reversed Four of Swords

Understanding the Reversed Four of Swords in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading, a reversed Four of Swords can indicate that you may feel as though you have been reluctant to put yourself out there. You may feel lethargic, apathetic or just plain down. You may need to force yourself to get back into action. The reversed Four of Swords urges you to get back into action, regardless of what you may be feeling.  Sometimes you simply may need to “act as If,” and the rest will follow.

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Four of Swords can also indicate, on the other hand, that you have  took the necessary time for yourself to once again muster up the energy to embrace a new relationship. You may have had to go through a period where you were unavailable to embark on any type of romance. A reversed Four of Swords tarot card can suggest that you are now mentally in the right place to meet a new person or open yourself up to love. If you still may feel somewhat reluctant, you may need to explore your fears about becoming vulnerable and opening up to love.

 If an old relationship has left you hurt and confused, you need to begin to recognize your own part in the relationship to ensure that old mistakes won’t be repeated. In some cases, a reversed Four of Swords can indicate there is a fear of commitment from one or both partners involved in a relationship.

If you are currently in a relationship that has been struggling, a reversed Four of Swords card can indicate that a new energy will surge through your relationship. Optimism and hope will replace feelings of frustration or despondency. In a love tarot reading, a reversed Four of Swords can indicate that this would be the time for you and your partner to plan some new activities together. Mental stimulation or and conversations would also heat things up.

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