Love Tarot and the Reversed Four of Cups

Understanding a Reversed Four Of Cups Card in Love Tarot Readings

In love tarot readings, a reversed Four of Cups is a positive indicator that your personal and social life is about to liven up. If you have recently went through a period of feeling apathetic or unsatisfied in your love life, things are about to change. Expect a new attitude and some excitement. If you have had an inactive love life, you just may be ready to finally put yourself out there.

If you have had an active love life but have felt somewhat unenthusiastic about it, you may need to shift your attitude and perceptions about love. Even if you have not met Mr. or Mrs. Right, you should still try to enjoy and embrace the experience of meeting new people. In love tarot readings, the reversed Four of Cups tarot card reminds you that a change in attitude will help you discover new romantic interests. As you begin to open yourself up you will definitely begin to draw more people into your life. Sometimes the best solution is getting into action. Say yes when you would normally say no. Go out with someone that you wouldn’t necessarily go on a date with. You may be pleasantly surprised.

For those of you in already in a relationship, a reversed Four of Cups can indicate a new appreciation for your partner. Things may spice up and you will find that you and your partner are seeing each other in an entirely new and positive way. Use this as an opportunity to embrace a new direction in your relationship. If you have been recently frustrated with your partner, you may suddenly find yourself valuing your relationship in a whole new way..

Finally, in some love tarot readings, a reversed Four of Cups cards encourages you to revisit some missed opportunities. Love may have been right at your door and you failed to recognize it. It may be in your best interest to reexamine a past romantic interest that you passed on.

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