Love Tarot and the Reversed Five Wands Card

Understanding the Reversed Five of Wands in a Love Tarot Reading

When it comes to love tarot readings, a reversed Five of Wands card often indicates that your relationship struggles may be coming to an end. You can expect a period of balance, harmony and well-being. If you and a love partner, have been failing to see eye to eye, you will come to an agreements and your relationship will take on a whole new energy. If you are single, you can expect a shift in your perspective about love in general. You may find yourself feeling more hopeful and excited about your love life. This new frame of mind will certainly help you open up to new love possibilities. This would be a great time to put yourself out there.

The reversed Five of Wands can also come up in love tarot readings that focus on mixed feelings about a particular person. If you have been feeling conflicted or anxious about a particular love interest, you will get your answer. This typically comes from an inner feeling or experience that can help you identify if someone is truly worth all your efforts. If you are inquiring about a particular person, the same will be true for them. In either cases, a resolution is near at hand and it will inevitably be in both your favor.

There are times, however, when the Reversed Five of Wands tarot card can refer to feelings of self-doubt or a lack of self-confidence. You may be put in a position where you will need to assert yourself, particularly when it comes to a romantic relationship. Consider this a learning lesson and use it as a means to grow. If you are feeling bullied, dominated or controlled in your relationship, it’s time to lay down some boundaries. More importantly, it’s time express your feelings and needs.

Finally, in some love tarot readings, a reversed Five of Wands can indicate a lack of energy or momentum. You or your partner may have other responsibilities that are weighing you down or consuming too much of your time. If you are wearing yourself too thin, it can be taking a toll on your relationship. This would be the time to evaluate your priorities and take the time to re-energize yourself.

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