Love Tarot and The Reversed Five of Swords

Understanding The Reversed Five of Swords in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading the reversed Five of Swords card can indicate that the energy you are putting into a romantic interest may fail to provide you with the results you desire. It’s important that you begin to review your current love interest’s potential. Are they really capable of meeting your emotional needs?  In some cases, you may feel conflicted about a particular relationship. Your own inner struggles could be causing your relationship to lose momentum.

You also need to address any self-esteem issues that have been negatively affected by a love relationship. Perhaps your sense of value and worth has been compromised. In a love tarot reading, a reversed Five of Swords tarot card can indicate feelings of helplessness, humiliation or shame. The Five of Swords tarot card will often appear when someone is being bullied or controlled. If this is indeed your situation and your current love interest or relationship is causing you to feel poorly about yourself, then you may have to take a break and get support and help from people you trust. This may be the time to let an unhealthy relationship go. Moving on, under such circumstances, will help empower you and rebuild your self-esteem.

In some love tarot readings, a reversed Five of Swords can urge you to become accountable for your own actions and behaviors in your intimate relationships. If you see a pattern that keeps repeating in all of your relationships, you need to examine how you may have contributed to this. If you have perpetually felt as though you were the victim or tend to blame others for the faults in your relationships, you may need to take a good look at how you participate in your romantic relationships. This is a great opportunity to truly come to terms with any past trauma or fear that is preventing you from finding a fulfilling relationship.

A reversed Five of Swords tarot card does not always have a negative connotation in a love tarot reading. There are times, in fact, where it can have positive associations. If you have been struggling with a relationship or, if there has been a great deal of strife and miscommunication, the reversed Five of Swords can signify that the battle is ending. You and your partner will have the opportunity to once again find balance and harmony.

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