Love Tarot and the Reversed Eight of Pentacles

Understanding the Reversed Eight of Pentacles in a Love Tarot Reading

When the reversed Eight of Pentacles appears in a love tarot reading, it often indicates that things need to develop slowly rather than being rushed. If you are currently embarking on a new relationship, the Eight of Pentacles tarot card reminds you to take it slow. You are on the right path. However things may not come to fruition as quickly as you want. Be careful that you don’t force or pressure your relationship into something it’s not ready for.

If you are already in a committed relationship and draw the reversed Eight of Pentacles in a tarot spread, it can refer to overall feelings of apathy or dissatisfaction. There may be areas in your relationship that require work and effort. Sitting back and waiting for things to change won’t serve you. You need to get into action and look for new solutions to help energize your relationship and open up new communication. If there has been an unwillingness to address your relationship issues, your relationship will continue to slowly decline.

In some cases, when the Eight of Pentacles appears in a love tarot reading, it can indicate that you have developed on over-dependence on someone. If you are expecting your partner to do all the work, you may find yourself disappointed. Be careful that you are not using your relationship as a source of security. This is particularly true in the finance department. If you have wanted to further your career or education, this would be the time to get your focus back. The more you become willing to work on yourself, the more your relationship will improve.

Finally, a reversed Eight of Pentacles can indicate a romantic partner that is failing to see all that their love interest is worth.  Too much Judgment or criticism can be taking its toll on the relationship.  If you find yourself tied to a person that is constantly putting you down, you may have to set some clear boundaries or ask yourself if the relationship is really worth it.

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