Love Tarot and the Reversed Devil Card

Understanding The Reversed Devil Card In Love Tarot Readings

Whenever someone draws the Devil tarot card in a love tarot reading, I always have to remind them that the Devil is not necessarily a bad card, nor does it imply there are negative or evil influences that are affecting your love life.  In fact, a reversed Devil tarot card can have some positive meanings, particularly when it comes to love matters. Depending on other cards that are pulled in the tarot spread, the Devil can be a card of freedom or a card of over indulgence.

In many love tarot readings, the reversed Devil card can indicate that someone has found the inner strength to break free from their unhealthy relationships. More importantly, they have learned how to identify their own behaviors or ideas that have been prohibiting them from finding healthier relationships. In this regard, the Devil Tarot card can be one of the more powerful cards in a love tarot. It often indicates that a powerful transformation has occurred or is about to occur.

On the other hand, a reversed Devil tarot card can indicate that you may be too dependent on your relationships. Your own fears may be preventing you from breaking free of a relationship that does not work for you. In some cases, the reversed Devil tarot card can refer to an abusive relationship where one partner may be manipulative, controlling or threatening. This is the time to become willing to look at your deepest fears and try to discover why you remain attached to a relationship that is not serving you.

A reversed Devil card can refer to infidelity, sex addiction or inappropriate boundaries. When it comes to love tarot readings, a reversed Devil card can signify that you or your romantic partner may be participating in unhealthy sexual behaviors.  If you feel as though you are being forced or tempted into doing things you are not comfortable with, this is the time to assert yourself and say no thank you.

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