Love Tarot and the Reversed Ace of Wands

Understanding the Reversed Ace of Wands Card in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading, the Ace of Wands can often indicate that things just may be moving slower than you would like. A potential love interest may not be courting you as quickly as you would like. You may also find yourself in apposition where someone might be interested in you but you simply do not return the feelings.  You need to be careful not to push yourself onto someone else. Give them the space to develop feelings for you naturally. This could be somewhat frustrating for you, but you need to be patient and let romantic feelings develop naturally and in their own time.

In some cases the reversed Ace of Wands tarot card can represent the individual that displays a great deal of initial interest, but then gets bored quickly. Be careful you get to know a romantic interest before you jump in blindly. In a love tarot reading, the reversed Ave of Wands can indicate a quick, short lived relationship. It may appear as if it’s the real thing in the beginning but then suddenly loses its momentum.

If you are already in a relationship and draw the Ace of Wands in a love tarot reading, there may be mutual feelings of frustration and uncertainty. A lack of trust could be causing you both to remain hesitant and overly cautious. Your relationship most likely needs more intimacy, connectedness or passion. One partner needs to initiate a little romance and healthy communication. Things can be turned around when you put more energy into the relationship. There is also the need to become aware if you are blaming your partner for the problems in your relationship. All relationships are a two way street. Becoming aware of your own part can help your partner work through their trust issues.

When it comes to love tarot readings, a reversed Ace of wands can refer to an ego-centric partner or one who simply can’t commit to a relationship. It can also indicate a low sex-drive. If your concerns are around family or pregnancy, there are some cases where this Ace can indicate issues with fertility.

In some very rare cases, the reversed Ace of Wands tarot card can refer to issues of infidelity or betrayal. Before you jump to any conclusions, however, you need to address any other issues that may be plaguing your relationship.  In many cases, it most likely represents one partner’s lack of commitment towards the relationship in general.

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