Love Tarot and the Reversed Ace of Pentacles

Understanding the reversed Ace of Pentacles in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Ace of Pentacles suggests that you may be failing to put yourself out there. Sitting back and waiting for things to come to you won’t necessarily set your love life on fire. You just might miss out on the perfect relationship. Don’t take people for granted. You never know who can introduce you to your perfect match.

If you’re drawn to people based on their income, you may be limiting yourself to finding your ideal match.  Make sure you give ample opportunity to those who are genuinely nice people. If financial security is an issue for you, you need to become responsible for your own well-being. Looking for someone that has a big pocket book has its benefits, but it also has its limitations. You can be choosing the wrong romantic partners for yourself.

You also need to become aware of how much time you are putting in towards your own financial goals. In a love tarot reading, a reversed Ace of pentacles can indicate that you are spending too much time on the job and not putting enough time into your love life. You need to make sure you are balancing your life and including things that bring you happiness on a personal level.

If you are in a relationship and draw the Ace of Pentacles tarot card in a love tarot reading, it could indicate that there may be issues surrounding money that are affecting your relationship. It’s important to reconnect with your partner without worrying or discussing your current money challenges. Try to find some time with your partner that is stress free. When you do have to deal with your current money issues do it in an environment that encourages open communication.  The Ace of Pentacles typically indicates that although you may be experiencing some financial difficulties, it should turn around in the near future.

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