Love Tarot Readings: When It’s Time to Let Go

The Power of Love Tarot Readings, Letting Go, and The Most Significant Cards

Love Tarot readings are special and powerful. If you are looking for answers during a difficult time, consulting the Love Tarot can be a smart choice. This is a way to find some understanding about what is happening in your relationship.

It can be sad to know that your relationship may be ending soon. The Tarot can help you figure out any issues that could be hurting your relationship. It can also help show you the right time to leave a relationship.

Many cards in a Love Tarot deck reference a breakup. You do not want to take all cards at their face value though. Many of these cards will need to be interpreted. You will need to see the order these cards appear in the spread and what other cards are with them.

There are just two cards that literally reference walking away. These cards would be the Eight of Cups and the reversed Ace of Swords.

When it comes to Love Tarot Readings, the card that represents letting go is called the Eight of Cups. When this card appears in a spread, either your partner or you have mentally made a decision to start the process of separation literally or emotionally. This card can be sad and often represents surrender. If a relationship has continued after it has run its course, this card can be especially sad.

When the Ace of Swords is reversed, it can have many meanings. In Love Tarot, it usually means that you should walk away because a relationship is hurting you more than helping you. The sword usually means that you will need to cut someone out of your life to stop him or her from hurting you.

When the reversed Ace of Swords appears, you will have to ask yourself some challenging questions. Are you in a destructive relationship? Do you like the person that you become around your partner? Do you feel fulfilled in your relationship? How do you treat your partner and how does he or she treat you?


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