Love Tarot & The Hanged Man Card

Love Tarot & The Hanged Man Card
Love Tarot Readings: The Hanged Man Tarot Card in Love Tarot

Perhaps one of the most difficult cards to understand in love tarot is that of the Hanged Man Tarot Card. Because this card is most often associated with the spiritual principle of sacrifice and surrender, it often gets misinterpreted during love tarot readings. In truth, the Hanged Man can offer valuable advice for relationships. His primary message is one of love as he reminds us that through our divine connection, we can see our relationships as valuable gifts that should be honored and respected.

Traditionally, the Hanged Man Tarot Card refers to the need to take a leap of faith and surrender to Divine laws or Universal energies. In Tarot reading, the Hanged Man represents a new level of consciousness, one that requires the letting go of one’s ego. In this respect, one must come to terms that there is more to the universe than just one’s singular self. This is a form of surrender in which there is an acceptance of spiritual principles. In this case, there is a relinquishment of control as one turns their life over to one’s concept of Divinity. One must take a leap of faith that there is, indeed, something much greater than them selves.

In Love Tarot readings, the Hanged Man often suggests the need for a spiritual consciousness. The more conscious we can become, the more we can see the divine work in our relationships. At this stage, there needs to be a relinquishment of one’s need to control one’s relationship or romantic situation.  This refers to the need to let go of one’s expectations of one’s partner or relationship.  Letting go of one’s sense of control and expectations often requires leaps of faith. However, it makes room for the divine to work its magic in our relationships.

The element of sacrifice, so commonly associated with the Hanged Man, refers to one’s self-interests and motivations. In love Tarot readings, the Hanged Man encourages that every individual in a relationship find the willingness to give up their own self-interests for the greater good of the relationship. Thus, the Hanged Man represents acts of love that have no strings attached to them. This is what many people refer to as unconditional love. This type of love includes the need to accept one’s partner just as they are.

In Love Tarot readings, the Hanged Man Tarot card always encourages new levels of awareness. This can include becoming conscious of our own behaviors, defenses, and projections. It can also refer to the need to let go of old ideas. In terms of our relationships, there may be the need to give up our fixed and rigid concepts about how we think our relationships should be. Most importantly, the Hanged Man suggests the need to be present for one’s relationship and partner. Ultimately, the Hanged Man reminds us to be present in the act of loving.

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