Love Tarot and the Page of Cups

Understanding the Page of Cups in a Love Tarot Reading

 In a love tarot reading, the Page of Cups can represent a perceptive and emotional person. They can have a tendency to be somewhat unaware of who they are as a person and as a consequence can easily fall into an over-dependence on their partner. They can also be quite sensitive to their environment and their feelings can often be influenced by others. The Page of Cups in keenly intuitive and uses their own emotions to better understand what is going on in the world around them.  They are imaginative, playful and very creative.

 In a love tarot reading the Page of Cups can indicate a pregnancy or may pertain to anything that has to do with children. If you and your partner have been thinking about starting a family, the Page of Cups often serves as a good omen. If you have been looking for love, the Page of Cups tarot card is always a positive sign. The Page of Cups tarot card can indicate the start of a new relationship. You may get an invitation to participate in an event that may lead to a new love relationship. In some cases, the Page of Cups can refer to a youthful admirer and you just may find yourself being pursued by someone younger than yourself.

 In a love tarot reading, the Page of Cups can also denote proposals or engagements. If you have been waiting for someone to pop the question, the Page of Cups indicates new stages or beginnings. He will often appear in love tarot readings when there is new movement in a relationship. If you have been waiting for your partner to take the next step, the Page of Cups often brings good news. Your relationship may take on a new phase of happiness and contentment. Fresh beginnings and attitudes can turn stale relationships into lively ones. New found love and appreciation can help old relationships feel young and intimate.

The Page of Cups typically signifies happy relationships in positive environments. This may be a period where things take on a whole new perspective. Allow yourself to be open to new ideas, and if you are single, take advantage of your social life. You could possible meet someone at a social event or through a friend.

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