Love Tarot and the King of Wands

Understanding the King of Wands in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading, the King of Wands represents a highly creative, vigorous and self-confident leader. He is extremely charismatic and is a go-getter. He thrives in the business world and often makes the ideal entrepreneur. He is always a team player and uses his dynamic energy to get others motivated.  He is passionate and fiery. He can be quick to anger, but quickly forgives. His creative nature makes him quite the visionary and he can often see things others can’t.

For those of you in a committed relationship, the King of Wands tarot card can indicate a passionate and deep connection. This may be a relationship in which there is a steady flow of heated emotions that are matched with a profound attachment. Nothing is boring. In a love tarot reading, men who are represented by the King of Wands tarot card tend to be very generous and giving. They may pamper you or surprise you with gifts and treasures.  The King of Wands can also be extremely loyal and will remain faithful and dedicated. His adventurous nature, however, can be somewhat strenuous.

In terms of intimacy, the King of Wands likes to express his emotions through sex and being physically. The negative aspect to this is that the King of Cups can have some difficulty verbally expressing his feelings. At times, this can become quite frustrating as you may not always know how he feels about you. You can gain a deeper understanding of his feelings by his actions. If he remains committed to you, he will show you through his actions.

If you are single and draw the King of Wands in a love tarot reading, you just might meet an individual that is ambitious, fiery and extremely passionate. In fact, The King of Wands makes quite the lover!  Be prepared to have some serious fun in the bedroom.

©2011 All Rights Reserved. Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter and are used with his permission. They are for example purposes only.


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