Love Tarot and the King of Swords

Understanding the King of Swords in Love Tarot Readings

In love tarot readings, the King of Swords often represents an individual that is ruled by his intellect. He is extremely intelligent and can be overly ambitious. His tends to be very analytical and enjoys challenging his mind. He has a love for knowledge and people often turn to him for his counsel. In some cases, he can represent the wise teacher. He is the ultimate truth seeker and has the unique ability to see things for what they really are. His rational thought process enables him to remain calm and in control. He tends to avoid disclosing his emotions and prefers to communicate by rationalizing the current challenges or obstacles that he has been faced with.

In love tarot readings, the King of Swords can indicate a partner that is career driven and overly consumed with his work. He can also represent a relationship that lacks emotional connectedness as the King of Swords tends to suppress his own emotions.  The King of Swords can be assertive and domineering. It’s important that you identify your boundaries. If you fail to do so, the King of Swords can use his intellect to control the relationship. If the King of Swords represents you in a tarot reading, than you might have reconnect with your own true emotions. Your own rational mind may be prohibiting you from getting intimate with your love partner. 

If you are involved with a King of Swords, don’t expect a romantic partnership. You can, however, develop a healthy relationship by finding a mutual respect for each other. If you share the same dreams and aspirations there is a good chance you can make the relationship work. It takes a great deal of strength to be with the King of Swords. You need to be flexible and let go of any romantic fantasies. The King of Swords is not over-sentimental. What you see is what you get.

If you are single and draw the King of Swords tarot card in your love tarot readings, you may meet an individual that is free thinking, very analytical and very philosophical. In the romance department you may find that is very difficult to discern how this person’s feels for you. You are better off just asking them.  The good news is that underneath the surface, the King of Swords is a passionate person. Give him a cause and he will never let you down.

©2011 All Rights Reserved. Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter and are used with his permission. They are for example purposes only.


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