Love Tarot and the Four of Pentacles

Love Tarot and the Four of Pentacles
Understanding the Four of Pentacles in a Love Tarot Reading.

In love tarot readings, the Four of Pentacles tarot card suggests that you may be holding on to your relationships too tightly. Your need for security may be sabotaging your ability to stay true to your needs and feelings. If you have yet to deal with old wounds of the past, such as issues of abandonment or loss, your fear may be causing you to stay in circumstances that are not in your best interest.

If you are career motivated, the Four of Pentacles can suggest that you have been overly focused on your career and may not be paying attention to your emotional affairs and well-being. If you are also involved in a relationship, be careful that you are not neglecting your partner due to your financial ambitions. Your ambition for financial success could be hampering your love life all together. In a love tarot reading, the Four of Pentacles tarot card can remind you to follow the path of your heart and not the path of your pocketbook.

However, there certainly is nothing wrong with desiring financial stability. It’s when your desires for financial security out weight your emotional needs that things can really get out of balance. The Four of Pentacles may thus indicate that there is an underlying insecurity about money or achievement that has yet to be fully processed or acknowledged.

In some cases, particular in love readings, the Four of Pentacles can indicate a fear of rejection. For those whom are single, this would be a good time to consider if your own fears are prohibiting you from putting yourself out there. For those in a relationship, perhaps you are staying in a relationship because you feel as though no one will love you or you are unworthy. In either case, it’s time to worry less about your issues of security and start to discover what your true emotional needs are. Sometimes it’s as simple as building self-confidence and finally believing you’re worthy and deserve a loving relationship in your life.

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