Love Tarot and the Reversed Two of Swords Card

Understanding the Reversed Two Of Swords in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Two of Swords is typically a positive card.  If you allow yourself the opportunity to quit worrying about your own love life, you will be able to develop a more balanced approach to your romantic relationships. You will ultimately be able to discover alternative views and/ or ideas that can actually help you attract love into your life. The goal is to avoid making your pursuit of love your primary area of concern or focus. Know that love is out there and you merely need to relax and let it happen.

The reversed Tow of Swords Card can also indicate that you now have the ability to see things more clearly and get into action. If a relationship has been troubling you, you have the opportunity to break the cycle and change the course of your behaviors.  This means you are no longer living in denial nor are you pretending there isn’t a problem when there really is one. This is the time to discover how you would like the relationship to change and what are the next steps you need to take in order to implement this change. If you have been feeling indecisive about a current relationship, expects some insight. You will soon be able to make a solid decision.

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Two of Swords can also indicate that any tension that has come up between you and a love interest may be expelled. Emotions may come more freely and new channels of communication can now be established. Often, the reversed Two of Swords tarot card suggests that things will come to a head, but the end result will provide you with relief and certainly less anxiety. In some cases, the reversed Two of Swords can indicate some delays in this process, but a new transformation within your love life is near at hand.

The less positive implications of the Two of Swords reversed may suggest that you are too invested in having a chaotic love life. Chaos or discord is being used as a way to avoid intimacy or connectedness.This is particularly true for love tarot readings that focus on a committed relationship. Old ideas and poor communication may be preventing you from moving forward in your relationship. Fear and insecurity may also be preventing you from growing with your love partner.

In some cases, the reversed Two of Swords tarot card can indicate a deceitful or inauthentic person or love interest. Make sure you really get to know a new love interest before completely jumping in.

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