Love Tarot and The Reversed Hermit

Understanding the Reversed Hermit Tarot Card in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Hermit often represents your need to delve into your own self to find the answers you seek. Your own intuition will guide you through your love matters. This may sound a little disappointing, but the Hermit card promises if you do you our inner work, you will eventually come out ahead. This may be a period where you will be alone. However, this is not forever. The reversed Hermit often comes before a significant transformation. In other words, parts of you are going to change and evolve. What you think you want today won’t necessarily be what you want tomorrow.

In a love tarot reading, a reversed Hermit often urges you to rediscover who you are and learn how to honor yourself. The best approach to your love life is to sit back and be true to yourself. It’s vital you don’t choose a relationship out of the fear of being alone. This may be a period where you need to become your own best friend and take counsel from the wisdom within you. If you choose to socialize, make sure you go out with people who respect and honor you for who you are. Of course, there is nothing wrong with staying at home, reading a good book or simply enjoying hanging out with a good friend.

There may be a need to pay attention to the needs of others. A reversed Hermit tarot card can sometimes indicate too much self-involvement . You may feel misunderstood in your relationships. This would be the time to reach out and share your inner most world with someone.  Take the time to understand what is going on for them as well. It will bring you closer.  If you are single, don’t be too discouraged. You may feel alone, isolated and detached from others. Don’t wallow in it. Share your feelings with good friends and if need be, seek counsel. You may have to face your fear of being alone in order to get to know yourself. Once you accomplish this task, however, love is sure to come.

If you are in a relationship and draw a reversed Hermit card in a love tarot reading, you may need to make sure you have enough time to do a little soul searching on your own. In some cases, the reversed Hermit card can indicate a lack of intimacy and connectedness within a relationship. This could be a period where both partners need to reevaluate their relationship and truly ask themselves if this is what they want.  Your relationship may be in transition. If you do your own inner work, you may develop a completely new perspective about your relationship and partner. You may feel more refreshed, at peace and ready to delve back into your relationship with brand new clarity.

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