Love Tarot and The Reversed Empress Card

Understanding a Reversed Empress Card in Love Tarot Readings

In Love Tarot Readings, a reversed Empress Card can serve as a warning that you may be putting too much emphasis on outward appearances. If you are worried about how others will perceive your relationship, you need to step back and adequately give your relationship the attention it deserves. The same can be said if you are single. If your focus is on impressing others, you may miss important love opportunities. More importantly, trying to change who you are to impress a love interest, will only cause you pain down the road.

In love tarot readings, a reversed Empress tarot card can also indicate that you are withholding your emotions. It’s important to remember to be generous with those you love. If you are a single parent, you may be so consumed with your own parental obligations that you are forgetting to take care of your own needs. If you are seeking love or desire to be in a new relationship, it may be time to put some effort in to meeting someone new. Try not to neglect your own needs.

If you are in a relationship and a reversed Empress appears in a love tarot reading, it may indicate that you and your partner aren’t giving each other the attention you deserve. It may be time to spice up your relationship by getting a little creative. Special outings and romantic adventures could certainly liven up a dull relationship. Think outside of the box and encourage your partner to get creative as well.

Financial stress may also be burdening your relationship. This is not the time to embark on a shopping spree or expensive vacation. You may also need to get a little creative with your finances, but remain very conservative when it comes to taking risks. Use this as an opportunity to get closer to your partner by sitting down together and coming up with a plan as a team.

Finally, in love tarot readings, a reversed Empress card can indicate issues with a pregnancy. Be careful that you take the necessary precautions to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. The best approach is to take precautions by practicing safe sex.

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