Love Tarot and the Reversed Eight of Wands

Understanding the Reversed Eight of Wands in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Eight of Wands can indicate that either you are wasting your energy or are making some risky choices when it comes to your love life. The best solution is to think before you act. This is certainly not the time to throw your heart to the wind. Rather, you need to carefully observe any potential love interest to ascertain if he or she truly has the qualities that you seek.

Making impulsive decisions can work against you. A reversed Eight of Wands tarot card encourages you to plan ahead and take the time to thoroughly evaluate your next step. You also need to consider if you are wasting your time on a love interest that doesn’t share the same feelings you have,

When the reversed Eight of Wands appears in love tarot readings, it can also indicate problems with communication. Words may be misunderstood and feelings could get hurt. Romantic plans may get delayed or postponed. Communication from a potential love interest may somehow fail to reach you. If you have planned a trip with a love interest, there could be outside forces that may prohibit you from going.

Finally, a reversed Eight of Wands can indicate that your own fear or anxiety is causing you a great deal of confusion about your love partner or interest. When the reversed Eight of Wands appears in a love tarot reading, it can suggest that you are your own worst enemy. Feelings of being overwhelmed or feeling out of control may lead you to take inappropriate actions. The best course of actions would be to take some time to center yourself and take a good hard look at what is troubling you. In most cases, you will find that your own internal issues are causing you to act out in unproductive ways. Finding your own personal truth will help guide you through your current love challenges.

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