Love Tarot and the Six of Pentacles

Understanding the Six of Pentacles in a Love Tarot Reading

In love tarot, the Six of Pentacles Tarot card refers to added support from your romantic partner. If you have been planning to make a change in your life, your partner just may surprise by encouraging you to leap into action. Perhaps they will take over more financial responsibilities or take on more parental duties. What once seemed like a far reaching dream becomes a reality thanks to your partner’s willingness to help you.

When it comes to intimacy, your relationship may reach new levels on understanding. Equilibrium and balance will further add to feelings of connectedness. If there have been troubles in your relationship, new forms of commitment and communication will encourage a mending of your issues.

In love tarot readings, the Six of Pentacles also refers to a for give and take. This may be the time to assess whether you are getting your needs met as well as becoming accountable for meeting your partner’s needs. This may be a period which requires both you and your partner to sacrifice more of yourselves for the better of the relationship. This, ultimately, will improve your relationship and certainly help you feel as though you are equally supported.

It’s important to note, the Six of Pentacles is a card of financial support and prosperity. You may find yourself involved in a very profitable venture. If you have been plagued by loan and debt, perhaps a family member will give you a hand. When it comes to love, and you are single, you just might meet an individual who has the ability to create financial success. You may also meet someone new by involving yourself in charities or non-profit organizations. People with financial security are often depicted by the suit of pentacles, and in love tarot readings, this six can certainly indicate a partnership that is financially stable.

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