Love Tarot and the Six of Cups

Understanding the Six of Cups in a Love Tarot Reading

In love tarot readings, the Six of Cups tarot card refers to nostalgia, the reminiscing of old relationships and childhood memories. Its appearance often indicates the rekindling of old flames. If there is a new interest in your life, sometimes the Six of Cups suggests the need to approach any new relationship with a fresh perspective. If you feel your past relationships have left you feeling jaded, you may want to perceive any new relationship as an opportunity to experience a relationship that is rewarding.

On another level, you need to be sure that you are not keeping to much focus on your past. If you remain attached to an old lover, you may need to come to terms with the fact that it is, indeed, over. Should you fail to let go, you may miss the opportunity to meet someone new. Remaining stuck in the past will only inhibit you from moving forward and embracing all the life presently has to offer.

The Six of Cups can denote a chance encounter with someone from your past. This is particularly true in love tarot readings. You may suddenly come across an old boyfriend or girlfriend and find yourself in a whirlwind romance. This type of situation happens when you are least expecting it and it’s always a pleasurable surprise. Synchronicity will be working in your favor.

New levels of intimacy can also be associated to the Six of Cups. If you are in a relationship, expect a rekindling of your feelings for each other. A new sense of playfulness, closeness and understanding will bring you closer. You and your partner just may find yourselves “falling in live” all over again. If you have recently been struggling in your relationship, you may soon discover a new way to reconnect with each other. 

Finally, the Six of Cups tarot card can indicate pregnancies or anything else that may have to do with children. If you have been wanted to start a family with your partner, now may be the time to do it. In some cases, the six of cups can refer to getting in touch with your own inner child. If you have been experiencing a slump or have generally been feeling apathetic, getting in touch with your inner child could free up your creativity, energy and optimism.

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