Love Tarot and the Reversed World Card

Understanding the Reversed World Card in a Love Tarot Reading

When a reversed World card appears in a love tarot reading, it encourages you to be wary of those whom you are romantically interested in. There may be issues with your core values that will lead to feelings of restriction or complications. There could also be issues from a past relationship that you have not been appropriately dealt with. A past relationship can be inhibiting you from moving forward.

This is time to become fully responsible for your own life. If you are pessimistic about love and relationships, you need to explore the reasons why. You are the only one holding you back from meeting a romantic partner. When a reversed World tarot card appears in a love tarot reading it often indicates that someone may not yet be capable of seeing how much potential there really is. The door to love awaits you. You just need to be willing to take some risks. This is particularly true for people that may be romantically interested in you. Don’t shut the door on them. Give them a chance. Be willing to explore new opportunities with new people.

The reversed World tarot card can also indicate that your own fear is prohibiting you from putting yourself out there romantically. If you fear commitment then you need to become willing to address the reasons why. It’s important to recognize that love is a journey and allowing yourself to becoming vulnerable is part of its process.

Finally, a reversed World card can indicate that a cycle in your love life is coming to an end. You needs and desires may transform into something entirely new. What you once thought was attractive, may shift. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore what you truly find desirable. It may be time to change your outlook and behaviors towards love.

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