Love Tarot and the Reversed Three of Wands Card

Understanding the Reversed Three of Wands in a Love Tarot Reading

When a Reversed Three of Wands Card appears in a love tarot reading, it often suggests that there may be disagreements or miscommunications in you love relationships. Sitting back and hoping things will work out on their own won’t be in your relationships best interest. This is the time to actively pursue resolutions for your conflicts or current challenges. Living in a fantasy also won’t serve you. This is the time to get practical with your partner. Try to develop a space where open communication can occur. Make sure you take the opportunity to encourage the freedom to express your concerns as well as listen to your partners. Thinks have the potential to work themselves out if you and your partner put in the effort.

In some cases, the reversed Three of Wands tarot card can indicate that you or your love interest may have unrealistic expectations about your relationship. Every relationship requires give and take. If you have been pressuring your partner about having changing their behavior in order to in order to meet your own needs could back fire. The best solution is to examine your own behavior and identify how you can learn to meet your own needs without expecting too much from your partner.

If you have recently met someone new or have a new love interest there could be delays or setbacks. In a love tarot reading, a reversed Three of Wands can indicate that your timing might be off.  This doesn’t mean a love relationship isn’t possible. It simply suggests that things may not go according to plan or it may take some time for a relationship to move forward.

In a love tarot reading, the Three of Wands also can refer to the need to wait and see what happens. In this regard, forcing a relationship to materialize can bring it to a quick halt. The best approach is to let things unfold naturally. Although you may be anxious to see where this relationship can go, your impatience won’t serve you. Furthermore, you may need to get some more information about a current love interest. Use this as an opportunity to gather information about the person you are interested in.

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