Love Tarot and the Reversed Moon Card

Understanding the Reversed Moon Card in a Love Tarot Reading

When the Moon card appears in a reversed position in a love tarot reading, it often indicates that there is a great deal of uncertainty or lack of clarity in regards to your love life. You may find yourself in a position where you simply do not know what your next step should be. You may feel insecure and lack the confidence to make a solid decision. You most likely are not seeing the whole picture. The Moon tarot card encourages you to develop your self-awareness and tap back into your own intuition. When it comes to love matters, it’s time to really listen to your gut.

In some cases, the reversed Moon card indicates a lack of honesty, deception, or misleading information. In love tarot, a reversed Moon may signify that certain truths are being withheld. While this can refer to infidelity, more often than not, it refers to one partner not disclosing their true feelings to the other partner. This unfortunately prevents a romantic relationship from moving forward. Instead, the relationship will suffer from feelings of fear, doubt and resentment. It’s important that open communication is established regardless of how the truth may affect someone.  In the end, truth will always be the best guiding force.

The reversed Moon tarot card can also indicate an unwillingness to see things as they really are. You need to be careful that you are not idealizing a potential love interest. If you find yourself obsessing about someone, you are more than likely failing to see this person as they truly are. You may be imagining them as something they’re really not. When it comes to a love tarot reading, the reversed Moon warns you to not blindly jump into a relationship. You may fail to see some important red flags.

Finally, when the reversed Moon card appears in a love tarot reading, it can indicate a period where you simply won’t feel yourself. You may be moody, despondent or simply just feel unfulfilled. Something is rising from your unconscious and you need to give it the opportunity to reveal itself. This will be your truth. Make sure you give yourself ample time and the personal space to process your own emotions. This is an important part of your journey. 

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