Love Tarot and the Reversed Eight of Swords

Understanding the Reversed Eight of Swords in a Love Tarot Reading

When the Reversed Eight of Swords card appears in a love tarot reading, it has both positive and negative implications. On the positive side, a reversed Eight of Swords often indicates that you may experience some type of emotional release or catharsis. If you have been feeling agitated or confused about your current love situation, expect some clarity. A new take on your relationship will set you free. You may find that things are not as bad as they appear.

In many cases, a reversed Eight of Swords card can indicate that your own perceptions of your situation where not exactly accurate. This is particular true in love tarot. Consequently, you may feel liberated and less confined. Anxiety and apprehension will be replaced with feelings of independence and freedom.

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Eight of Swords can also indicate that you may have been undergoing needless fear and worry about your love life. You will soon know which actions to take and you will be capable of determining if this relationship is, indeed, right for you. This will be a period in which you embrace your own sense of power. Use this to your advantage.

In some cases, the reversed Eight of Swords tarot card can indicate that your denial or refusal to see the truth will be met with a new awareness about your current love situation. Unfortunately, this can indicate that your relationship may not be everything you thought it was. Continuing to be indecisive will not serve you. The best solution is to express your feelings to your romantic interest or partner. If they are unable to meet your needs, you may need to move on.

Finally, when the reversed Eight of Swords appears in a love tarot reading, it can indicate that your reluctance to make a decision in your relationship will lead to some type of impasse or crisis. You may find it difficult to get out of a relationship or break free from negative behavior patterns.

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