Love Tarot and the Reversed Eight of Cups

Understanding the Reversed Eight of Cups in Love Tarot Readings

In love tarot readings, the reversed Eight of Cups can often indicate that you may be struggling with a recent separation or loss. You may be experiencing some difficulty moving on from a romantic relationship. Your own fears may be prohibiting you from opening up to new future love opportunities. It’s important to address any fears that you may be experiencing around being alone. If you are choosing to stay with someone based on your own fear of being single, you can make yourself vulnerable to making bad decisions.

In some cases, a reversed Eight of Cups can refer to an individual that may be immature or lacks the ability to form real long term relationships. If you find yourself in a relationship with such an individual, you may want to ask yourself if this relationship is worth all your effort. You may not get what you want. Such individuals often lack the ability for real intimacy. In the end, you may feel dissatisfied or frustrated.

When it comes to love tarot readings, the reversed Eight of Cups tarot card can indicate issues with intimacy and attachment. Either someone is still clinging to their past or is unable to participate in a close relationship. You or your partner may be distancing yourself from the relationship. If this is the case, you really need to ask yourself if your behavior is working in the best interest of the relationship. There is a chance that you will regret your decision about separating yourself from someone you care about. All relationships require compromise. You and your partner may need to make some concessions in order for the relationship to move forward.

Not only can the reversed Eight of Cups indicate an excessive focus on one’s past, it can also suggest there may be some co-dependency within your intimate relationships. You may feel as though your partner provides you with a type of emotional security. Although some of this does occur within every relationship, you need to become aware of your own degree of emotional dependency on your love interest. Too much dependency can cause your partner to feel overwhelmed or needlessly pressures. The best solution is to start to put the focus back on yourself. Use this time as an opportunity to once again explore your own interests and/or aspirations. 

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