Love Tarot and the Five of Wands

Love Tarot and the Five of Wands
Understanding The Five Of Wands Tarot Card In A Love Tarot Reading

Traditionally, the Five of Wands is the card of competition and healthy challenges. It is a card of action and often indicates the need to put your self out there. In a love tarot reading, the Five of Wands tarot card encourages you to show up for your love life and become willing to participate in whatever comes your way. In some circumstances, you may find yourself challenging someone over a love interest. If you are in a relationship, you may find yourself vying for your partner’s attention. In either case, you will have to assert yourself. Should you be diligent in your efforts, you are sure to get your needs met.

If you are already in a relationship, you need to make sure your vigorous attitudes aren’t putting off your loved one. This heightened energy level can make you playful, but you need to be careful you aren’t too combative or competitive. You also need to be careful about simple arguments. There is the potential that these types of interactions can blow up. Challenging your partner though is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s only becomes harmful when you become self-righteous and rigid. Your partner needs to be able to assert himself or herself as well. Keep the atmosphere light and fun.

If your relationship has been going through a period of struggles, you definitely need to make sure your issues don’t turn into outright battles. In love tarot readings, the Five of Wands can indicate the need to step back and take the time to explore what the best strategies may be. Battling with your partner will only further exacerbate your issues. It may be wise to try and establish what the two of you have in common verses what you don’t. Getting on the same page can help deescalate fear and anger.

If you are single and the Five of Wands tarot appears in a love tarot reading, expect some sparks in your romantic life. This is a period where things could really heat up both physically and emotionally. Just be sure that your teasing and playfulness are not becoming too aggressive.

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