Love Tarot and the Five of Pentacles

Love Tarot and the Five of Pentacles
Understanding the Five of Pentacles in Love Tarot Readings

Traditionally, the Five of Pentacles can suggest feelings of loneliness, loss or abandonment. It can also refer to financial setbacks, difficulties or unemployment. When it appears in a tarot reading, it can be an indicator that your current predicament, being either financial or emotional, is causing you to feel insecure and afraid. In the most extreme cases, a Five of Pentacles can suggest that your current circumstances are in crisis and you may feel completely overwhelmed or emotionally devastated.

In love tarot readings, the Five of Pentacles often suggests that your relationship may be struggling to maintain the status quo. You may feel as though you and your partner are functioning on two separate planes of reality. Your lack of communication or connection may make you feel abandoned and alone. If you have come to a point where you feel your relationship isn’t going to work out, it’s important to know that your current feelings will pass and that there still is the possibility to work things out if you and your partner put your mind to it.

When the Five of Pentacles appears in a love tarot reading, it often stresses the strain put on a relationship by outside circumstances such as finances and money or issues with children or places of employment. You and your partner may have different perspectives on the situations at hand. It’s important not too become too self-righteous in your own opinions as this could further put a wedge between the two of you. The goal is for you and your partner to meet each other half-way and find strength in your togetherness and companionship.

If you are single, you may feel as though you never will meet the right guy or girl. Those you do seem to meet do not feel as though they are a fit nor are they able to offer you the type of relationship you seek. Know that these feelings and circumstances will pass. If you are being plagued by negativity or low-self-esteem, it may be time to seek out someone to talk to that can help you sort through your current situation.

When it comes to love tarot readings, the Five of Pentacles tarot card is not always a bad card. Often times, the Five of Pentacles can represent a relationship that has the qualities to survive through any circumstance, both negative and positive. Although things may now appear difficult, the love that binds your relationships together will see you through it.

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