Love Tarot and the Reversed Queen of Swords

Understanding the Reversed Queen of Swords in a Love Tarot Reading

When you draw a reversed Queen of Swords in a love tarot reading, it often suggests that your own self-sufficiency may be hampering your love life. There is a good chance that your old relationships have left you feeling a bit cynical or reluctant to allow yourself to get vulnerable with a new love partner. Of course, this may also be true of your partner as well. Although it is always wise to keep your independence while in a relationship with someone else, too much independence can hamper intimacy and closeness. You or your partner may be experiencing a good deal of fear about getting too close. As a consequence, there may be emotional barriers or reluctance to truly let someone get to know you.

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Queen of Swords encourages you to get back in touch with your own emotions. This would be the time to do some soul searching. You may need to ask yourself how your past has influenced who you are today. If you find yourself feeling bitter or unsatisfied with life, you may need to reconcile your past experiences. The reversed Queen of Swords can indicate that you have locked yourself away from feeling your own feelings. You may feel as though life is something to be endured and not enjoyed. In order to bring a fruitful and rewarding relationship into your life, you may have to listen to your heart more and not rely solely on your intellect.

In some love tarot readings, the reversed Queen of Swords can represent another female influence. In this case, she may be vindictive or spiteful. She could also be prone to gossiping about you and/or your partner. Be careful that you are not allowing another female to manipulate you or your partner.

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