Love Tarot Readings For a Relationship

Love Tarot Readings For a Relationship
Working with the Major Arcana in a Love Tarot Reading

When doing a love tarot reading, I often find it quite helpful to work directly with the cards of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana are like mirrors constantly reflecting are level of consciousness back to us. They can also however reflect back the consciousness of our relationships. They serve as a guide for the path of our love relationships. They reflect the challenges, tasks and learning processes that we ultimately need to confront in order to work through the issues with our partners.

Just as individuals go through developmental stages, so do relationships. Relationships have lives of their own and they too have their own unique journey. Each and every one of us brings our own personal expectations and projections into our relationships. As we grow from children, we develop certain ideals. When these ideals are not met, our relationships struggle. The same can be said for our histories. In every relationship, we can not help but bring our own experiences from our pasts into the relationship. Often these are projected onto our partners. Our past experiences and traumas affect our perceptions of our current relationships and we often find ourselves reviewing our relationship from the eyes of the past. In some cases reality is distorted. When a crisis arises within the relationship, we typically are unable to see the issue as it really is. It takes a great deal of effort to step back and objectify our perceptions so we can truly see what is troubling our relationship.

The tarot is incredibly effective at highlighting hidden truths and important nuances of our lives that we often overlook. Every time we draw a card, we look into a mirror. Their symbolic imagery represents our current situations. Every card depicts a stage of development and a lesson to be identified. The tarot has the unique ability to trigger a conscious and unconscious reaction.  Every question that is asked is expressed through our own willingness to explore ourselves and our relationships. When exploring issues of love, we have the opportunity to consciously explore the terms of the relationship from new perspectives. We no longer have to be imprisoned by our preconceived concepts and biased opinions.

Below I have listed the 22 Major Arcana cards. In this case, their interpretations are based on love readings. Each major arcana card is multi-layered, but in this case, I simply wish to highlight their interpretations in reference to love and relationships.

The Fool Tarot Card
There could be delusions about the perfect relationship. It’s time to review what how your perceive relationships. Take a risk, but don’t be careless.

The Magician Tarot Card
The start of a new relationship. A Male lover or devotee. Wanting to change your lover through manipulation.

The High Priestess Tarot Card
Feeling an inner connection to your mate. Some hidden information needs to come to light. A female lover or devotee. Wanting to educate one’s partner through a feminine approach.

The Empress Tarot Card
A relationship full of possibility. A possible pregnancy. Fertile ground for a new relationship to emerge. The exchange of love.

The Emperor Tarot Card
A structured and organized partnership. Feeling protected by your mate.

The Hierophant Tarot Card
Need spiritual guidance within the relationship. A relationship based on traditions and values.  

The Lovers Tarot Card
A Soul connection. A new level of commitment must be made. Attraction and passion. Decision about a relationship.

The Chariot Tarot Card
Each member of the partnership must work on their own level of individuation. You can maintain a sense of yourself while in the relationship. Clear communication of personal needs should be addressed. This relationship has the potential to flourish if the energies are directed appropriately.

The Strength Tarot Card
There needs to be a gentler approach to your partner. You can not force someone to change. Physical touch can be healing.

The Hermit Tarot Card
Be careful to ensure that you make time for yourself. Each partner must not lose sight of their own personal journey.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card
A new cycle begins. Rapid changes from external forces. You must be willing to go with the flow.

The Justice Tarot Card

A balance is needed within oneself and one’s relationship. This is the time to re-evaluate the relationship. Fairness is warranted.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The letting go of old ideas. Sacrifices must be made in order for the relationship to move forward. Conflict within the relationship. The relationship is not on solid ground.

The Death Tarot Card
This is a transformative period within the relationship. This is the time for new beginnings. Old patterns and communication methods have become outdated.

Temperance Tarot Card

Harmony within the relationship. Utilizing balance and patience to move one’s relationship forward. A period of self-realization.

The Devil Tarot Card
Co-dependency and enmeshment. Negative patterns and behaviors are causing an unhealthy relationship.

The Tower Tarot Card
External forces are affecting the relationship. It’s time to express who you really are. Old masks and personas no longer will imprison you.

The Star Tarot Card
Harmony within the relationship. Appreciation for one’s partner. The deepening of one’s relationship through spirituality.

The Moon Tarot Card
New intuitive information about the relationship. Trust your gut. The desire for a soul mate. Conflict below the surface.

The Sun Tarot Card
Joy and happiness within the relationship. Fulfillment and grace.

The Judgment Tarot Card
The relationship may need to take a new direction. It’s time to review one’s relationship through a new perspective. Self-evaluation is required. Spiritual renewal in a relationship.

The World Tarot Card
Completion of a relationship. The lessons have been learned. A creative and harmonious relationship based on the personal development of both partners. Could indicate a mutual and harmonious separation.


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