Infidelity in a Love Tarot Reading

Infidelity in a Love Tarot Reading
Love Tarot Card Meanings: Signs of Infidelity and Cheating in a Tarot Reading

There are various cards in the Tarot  that may indicate concerns about infidelity, fear of commitment, temptation and separation. To begin, I think it would be helpful to understand why the Tarot can be effective at determining such issues. There are numerous types of psychics. Some psychics use the tarot to trigger feelings, images, and sensations that they then interpret. These psychics are often clairvoyant and/or clairsentient.  Other psychic tarot readers use the tarot in a more literal fashion. In this case, they count on the tarot to reveal a truth that is already there. 

I believe that within each and every one of us, there is access to this type of inner truth. These truths pertain not only to our own life path, but also to the truth of the collective unconscious, an all knowing source that connects to humanity as a whole. The Tarot cards are like magnets, when they are touched by someone their energy becomes fixed to the cards. Ultimately, their own hidden knowledge is transmitted to the cards. It is then up to the psychic tarot reader to interpret these hidden messages of information. The psychic tarot reader depends on their own intuition to interpret the meanings of the cards.

This brings me back to the issue of infidelity. Since I believe we are innately intuitive, most of us already can sense issues of infidelity. We may get that quiet, tugging sense that something just isn’t right, or we may start to feel distrustful for no evident reason. There are times, however, when we are completely unaware that our partners may be unfaithful. When this comes up in a tarot reading, it may come as a total shock.  Then all of a sudden things just start to make sense. It is as if a blind fold has been removed and we can finally see things as they really are. At times, we make the choice to live in denial. Denial is a wonderful defense mechanism, protecting us from certain realities that we are not ready to process. On the other hand, there are times where we just have been betrayed and lied to and have had absolutely no idea it was going on.

It’s also important to note that sometimes a tarot reading may be off the mark. It’s imperative to find a psychic tarot reader that thoroughly understands the cards. Often, infidelity issues are reinforced by more than one tarot card in a reading. It depends on which cards flank the card representing infidelity. Typically, there is always a big red sign that warns of infidelity, and if it is not occurring in the moment, it certainly can be an issue in the future.

Below I have listed the top cards in the major arcana that signal possible issues within someone’s relationship. I felt it would be important to begin with the major arcana because these cards are often hit the mark. They always represent life long learning lessons and refer to the fates of our journey. When you get your next tarot reading, and the issue of infidelity gets discussed, ask the tarot reader which cards came up in your reading. It may be helpful to understand how the reader has come to this conclusion. I know I would.

The Fool Reversed
In many readings, the Fool reversed represents a fear of the unknown and a reluctance to take risks. However, in  tarot  readings, the Fool reversed relates to infatuation. If you are in a relationship this can be an indicator that you or your partner may be thinking about another person. Another concern with the Fool reversed is the matter of commitment. Often, when the Fool is in a reversed position, it is a warning that you or your partner may not be ready to be in a committed relationship. Frequently, some people will start a new relationship with someone else before they leave their last one. The Fool reversed can represent the type of partner that can moves from one relationship to the next.

The Emperor Reversed

The Emperor reversed relates to a reluctance to grow up. He is the man or woman choosing to run away rather than face his or her problems.  His tarot card meanings can  refer to a fear of intimacy or unwillingness to show up as a mature person in a relationship. When a relationship is struggling with the grinds of day to day responsibility, one partner may choose to find a release through the onset of a new relationship. The new relationship, in this case, is not about the person with whom your partner is cheating with. This is not about love or infatuation. It is about ones incapacity to deal with responsibility on life’s terms. An act of infidelity is really about escape.

The Lovers Upright and Reversed
This is the one card in the tarot deck that can have infidelity concerns both in an upright position and a reversed position. In its upright position, the Lovers can indicate enticement. Granted, this temptation does not always refer to relationships. Depending on the cards that flank the Lovers, one can determine if there is temptation about another person. However, it is important to note that the upright Lovers tarot card is usually a message of temptation and does not refer to an actual act of infidelity. This is a warning card, and if the issues in a relationship are addressed, infidelity can be avoided.

The Lovers reversed represents is an entirely different story. In a tarot reading, the Lovers reversed may indicate that your relationship is in trouble. It can also indicate that your relationship may not be a healthy one. The Lovers card can convey the reality that a poor decision has been made. This means that unfaithfulness could have already happened. This is a true infidelity card and depending on which cards flank the Lovers reversed, it could indicate that someone may have been unfaithful. It can also indicate a future separation, possibly out of the result of infidelity.

The Devil Reversed
Negatively, the Devil can symbolize selfishness from both people involved in a relationship. There usually are concerns with control and power. One partner always tends to have more than another, often causing one person to feel helpless and at the mercy of the other. The Devil reversed warns one of their core and primitive sexual desires. In a tarot reading, the Devil reversed warns the person being read for that they are vulnerable to act out in a sexual manner. It can also refer to someone’s partner. This is a card representing a relationship in which one person can not manage their sexual desires. In this case, issues of sexual addiction may be a concern. Often, when this card comes up in a tarot spread reversed, one or both persons in a relationship are experiencing unquenchable desire and temptation. It represents sex not love. In the worst case scenario, one partner may be acting out with more than just one person. This is also a true infidelity card and it depicts the great harm that can be caused by lust.

Now we can continue with the minor arcana. In the tarot deck, the minor arcana are the cards that depict the wands, cups, coins, and swords. These tarot card interpretations reflect the existing situations that are going on in your everyday life. They can also depict the relationships and people in your life. Each suit is associated with a particular subject: work, emotions, finances, and relationships. They also represent the four elements: earth, sky, water and fire. The minor arcana are highly informative because of their ability to be specific. In a tarot card reading, the minor arcana reveal the who’s, how’s and what’s.

Each of the tarot cards relays a positive element to a situation or a negative one. This is typically disclosed through its position. In  tarot reading, upright cards tend to symbolize a positive viewpoint while reversed cards reveal a more negative perspective. In either case, the tarot always offers constructive advice. The minor arcana can highlight issues in day to day matters and when it comes to infidelity, the cards enable one to perceive their situation with a new perspective.

Two of Cups Reversed
The Two of Cups reversed can indicate the separation of a relationship. This card often refers to incompatibility, but it can also refer to unfaithfulness. When the Two of Cups comes up in a position that is reversed, it canalso  indicate a change in direction of a relationship. A relationship that was once loving and kind now reflects issues of mistrust, rejection, and painful feelings. Because this card is associated with the cups suit, it reflects the emotional consequences of our behavior or the behavior of others. If unfaithfulness is the topic of the tarot reading, the outcome could be a painful one. In many cases, this card warns of a separation. However, depending on the cards that flank the Two of Cups reversed, separation is not always the case. In a tarot reading, The Two of Cups reversed still supports the importance of the relationship. It is a love card, after all, and there many situations in which struggling relationships can be restored to harmony.

Three of Cups Reversed
In its upright position, the three of cups depicts  celebration and happiness. However, when it is in a reversed position, the opposite is often true. When the Three of Cups comes up reversed in a tarot reading, it indicates that there may be too much emphasis on pleasure seeking. This refers to an overindulgence of some kind.  In this position, relations are not based on love, but based on needs and desires. In a reversed position it also reflects a loss of interest or apathy towards one’s relationship. This is a true infidelity card. Sometimes the act of infidelity is the turning point in ones relationship. It represents the final act in aiding one to part from a relationship that is not working for them.

Five of Cups
The Five of Cups can be a complicated card. In terms of issues of infidelity, it’s really important to examine the cards within the tarot spread. In a tarot reading, the Five of Cups often reflects a deep mourning for the loss of an important relationship. This card often depicts issues surrounding abandonment and betrayal. In this respect, the issue of infidelity does come up. This tarot card can have major implications due to the fact that it can represent the deep hurt felt by someone’s partner. I tend to associate this card to our personal attachments to those we care about. Often, this card signifies the anxiety around losing these deep attachments. This is not something we want to do, but it is something we must do. This is why infidelity can have an association to this card. It can represent the unfaithful lover that we have to let go of, regardless of our attachment to them.

Six of Wands Reversed
The Six of Wands reversed in another one of the tarot cards that can signify infidelity. In most tarot readings, the Six of Wands reversed usually refers to defeat, failure or postponement. However, in terms of relationship readings, the six of wands can indicate unfaithfulness within a marriage.  In the case of the Six of Wands reversed, infidelity can take on a larger representation. Infidelity can include anything that takes the attention of your partner. This could be work, a hobby, or another interest. One can only hope that this is the case. The Six of Wands reversed may suggest that in one’s relationship, one partner is not getting their needs met. This is the type of atmosphere that can  lead to an adulterous affair. This is a warning card. Take care to communicate with your partner. You may wish to see an advisor or counselor for marital issues because infidelity certainly can play a role.

Nine of Cups Reversed
If ever there was a card in the tarot deck that identified a playboy, it would be the Nine of Cups reversed. Traditionally, the Nine of Cups reversed indicates an excessive preoccupation with pleasure. It can depict intemperance and excessiveness. The Nine of Cups Reversed warns that one’s self-centered desires are causing harm to their partner. The Nine of Cups reversed is another one of those complicated cards. It could suggest that your partner is or it can be a warning that you may be potentially at risk for acting out. The Nine of Cups is very similar to the Devil in a reversed position. Both cards suggest that a relationship may be moving in the wrong direction.  Like the Devil Reversed, the Nine of Cups can indicate that someone in a relationship can not manage their own sexual behavior. Sexual addiction issues may be a  problem. In this case, it is more than likely you or your partner is involved with infidelity. Infidelity and sexual addictions have their roots in low self-esteem, fear of intimacy and escapism. Now is the time to reevaluate your value system within the context of your relationship. You may want to take a good look at you behavior. Are you being driven by self-centeredness? Is your partner?

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