Life Purpose Tarot Cards

Life Purpose Tarot Cards
Free Tarot Guide: You Life Purpose Tarot Cards

There are a number of approaches to identifying your personal Tarot Card associations. The most recognized include utilizing your astrological associations with the Major Arcana Cards and Court Cards. However, you may also use numerology to determine the cards that represent your journey or life purpose. This is a powerful tool that helps to identify the major issues you will be confronted with during your life journey. These cards refer to both one’s personality traits as well as to one’s major life purpose.

Numerology is an art itself. It is a process that includes the study of numbers and is primarily used to discover one’s personality traits. It also has the ability to reveal one’s strengths and talents, as well as major life obstacles. Like Tarot, numerology is a tool that can help one discover important aspects about one’s self. 

To find your life purpose cards, you first need to implement some basic numerology to find your life purpose number. To do this you simply need to add all of your birth numbers together until you get a single digit number which is your birth number. 

As an example, let's assume you were born on May 20th, 1968 and you want to calculate your birth number. To do this you would first need to add the birth month (5 for May), birth day (20 for the 20th), and birth year (1968) together which comes to a total of 1993 (or 5+20+1968 = 1993). You then add each number within this total again to reduce the number further, so 1+9+9+3 = 22. Finally, you still need to reduce the 22 further to a single digit number by adding your birth numbers together one more time, so 2+2 = 4.  So, 4 would represent your life purpose number.

Numerological associations go up to the number 10, so ten does not need to be reduced. Each individual has two life purpose cards depending on their life purpose number:

Number 1:  The Magician and Wheel of Fortune (#10)
Number 2:  The High Priestess and Justice (#11)
Number 3:  The Empress and the Hanged Man (#12)
Number 4:  Emperor and Death (#13)
Number 5:  The Hierophant and Temperance (#14)
Number 6:  The Lovers and the Devil (#15)
Number 7:  The Chariot and the Tower (#16)
Number 8:  Strength and the Star (#17)
Number 9:  The Hermit and the Moon (#18)
Number 10: The Wheel of Fortune and the Sun (#19)

Should your numbers add up to 22, your life purpose cards are associated with the Fool and the Emperor.

Notice that both pairs of life purpose cards reduce to the same number. Each card in the Major Arcana represents a specific purpose or challenge. They also represent important life stages that must be mastered in order to progress onto the next stage. Your life purpose cards can reflect this process; however they can also represent important emotional and psychological functions. For more on these associations, please visit our Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana category.

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