Letting Go of the Past and The Six of Cups Tarot Card

In a Tarot Reading, the Six of Cups Card can Indicate It's Time to Let Go of the Past

If you get tarot readings often, or want to get more information about this art, you may be interested in knowing the meanings of all the cards. One of the more intriguing ones is the six of cups tarot card.

On this card, you should see two kids that are encircled by six cups. They are meant to show innocence, which is an attribute that typically goes away quickly, and is reduced more and more as a person gets older.

If you see the six of cups tarot card reversed, it can often mean issues from the past are still a problem for you. You may have to go back and try and remember events, but you should never get overly hung up about anything that happened. Sometimes a belief, choice or decision you made may be blocking your current path. The past should be used a tool to illuminate your future. The tarot card meaning of the six of cups reversed encourages people to focus on the here and now. It may be time to finally put the past behind you and begin looking forward into the unknown.

This can mean you should stop focusing on things that happened previously. Instead of thinking about what you have done, think about what you can do. You should always have new goals and aspirations. Sometimes breaking ties from the past can mean getting rid of old possessions, or maybe even breaking off contact with an old flame who might not be doing you any good.

If you happen to see the six of cups tarot card in a reading, try looking into a fresh pursuit or hobby that interests you. You should always be willing to accept change in your life if it will make things better. Living in the present is simply more productive, and will make you happier and more successful.


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