Interpreting a Tarot Reading

A Step by Step Guide to Interpreting a Tarot Reading and Spread

Understanding the different Tarot cards is essential if you are to get the most from your Tarot reading, and the following brief guide can help you to accurately interpret your Tarot reading.


Try to see a broader meaning in the overall spread of the cards, by using your intuition; this is a skill that will become more accurate and more useful the more you practice it.


It can help if you look at the spread and the seeker's issue as a story. The story can define itself from the patterns that start to become apparent from your Tarot card reading, as well as from each card's individual meaning.


Make a point of closely studying any card which seems to have a more significant meaning than others in the spread, although you should also consider the spread when trying to determine the meaning of a specific card. You can easily come up with an inaccurate interpretation if you do not consider the spread as a whole, especially if you have a strong card, such as Death.


Even though you should consider the spread in general when looking for meaning in a Tarot reading, you should also treat the Major Arcana, or Archetypes with the importance they deserve. Examples of those cards would be the Fool, the Sun and Death, and they can add a powerful aspect to any interpretation.


If you have a lot of cards in a single suit in Tarot readings, it can be significant. The emotional state of mind and relationships could be the issue if you see an emphasis on Water and Cups cards, whereas the mind and conflict may be relevant if you see Air and Swords. The material world and possessions are indicated by Pentacles, while action or a decision may be indicated by Fire and Wands.


The seeker may have just completed a challenge, or has perhaps just dealt with one if normally difficult cards are reversed during a Tarot card reading. In general, reversed cards tend to signify confusion or a struggle. A thwarted solution or perhaps financial problems may be indicated by the Fool card being reversed; this is the Major Arcana card.


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