How to Use a Tarot Card Spread?

Understanding the Basics of a Tarot Card Spread and How to use them in a Reading

A Tarot Card spread is a way of laying out the cards in a particular configuration in order to produce answers to the issues confronting a seeker. There are many kinds of Tarot spreads and Tarot decks usually suggest various spreads and explain their use. A Tarot spread may consist of only three or four cards or there may be over thirty cards. The number of cards and their configuration depend on the issue and how far the reader wants to explore the issue.

First, it is important to prepare the seeker. The seeker must be informed that the cards which will be drawn are a refection of his subconscious mind and will show a way to understand the issue that he brings to the reading. This is not a magic trick and it is not a prediction. The Tarot is a means of providing insight and direction.

Tell the seeker to focus on the issue that she has brought to the reading. It can be held in the mind like a meditation. Then the seeker can select a Significator card before the deck is shuffled. The Significator card is a card that the seeker understands will be a reflection of her. Place the Significator card face up and do not shuffle it into the deck. You may wish to omit this step and simply move on to the next step.

Have the seeker take the deck and shuffle and cut it. Using the non-dominant hand, have the seeker spread the deck so the cards are arranged in front of him. By using the non-dominant hand, the creative right side of the brain will prepare the seeker to select the cards.

Tell the seeker to choose each card and lay it facing down on the diagram of the spread that has been chosen. Have the seeker choose the cards with the non-dominant hand and move slowly so the intuitive energy has time to attract the right cards. Repeat the process until the tarot spread is complete.

Continue with the reading by turning over each card in the Tarot Card spread and interpret the cards in the context of the issue that has brought the seeker. Turn over only one card at a time. the spread you are using will guide you to the right card.


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