How To Work With Tarot Spreads

The Fundamentals of the Tarot Spread

Tarot spreads are among the first things that you have to understand when learning the  tarot. When you are knowledgeable about tarot spreads, tarot readings become much more accessible and comprehensive. Learning how to work with tarot spreads will ultimately deepen your experience as a tarot reader and will certainly help you get the the appropriate answers or guidance you need. If you are a beginner, knowing about card spreads and how they work is one of the fundamental components to becoming an effective tarot reader.

A tarot spread refers to an arrangement of cards in a geometric pattern that is pre-specified. However, every position of each card in the tarot spread has got a particular meaning. Placing individual tarot cards in a tarot spread can be a way of creating a story based on their meanings. This therefore means that the framework for tarot readings can be provided by the spreads pattern.The person reading the tarot uses the way in which the cards are placed with a theme that is already identified. For instance, a variety of spreads consist of placements for both the past, present and future. Besides, the spreads can also include placements for internal feelings, external factors or specific challenges.

Based on the question or the problem that is to be solved, tarot card spreads can have various implications. There are those that offer information in a more general way while other ones can get very specific. There are also card spreads that are simple while there can be others that are very elaborate and may consist of all 78 tarot cards. The choice about which spread to use is largely based on the question posed and what spreads the reader likes to work with.

Typically, it is the person  that is being read who will shuffle the cards, although this is not always the case. Many tarot readers prefer that the person they are reading has the chance to have direct contact with the cards. In the process of shuffling the cards, the tarot reader will ask the individual to think of their problem or area of concern that they may need guidance about. When a person touches the cards, their energy is attached to it and this will assist the Tarot reader in determining the meaning of the cards.

The tarot reader then starts to interpret the images and the positions of the tarot cards. The complexity of the meanings of the cards is enhanced by their arrangement and placement within a spread. In essence, the tarot spread provide the structure for the reading process.


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