How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

Understanding The Art In How To Shuffle The Tarot Cards For A Reading

Learning how to shuffle tarot cards is pretty easy once you develop the skill. There are dozens of ways you can do this. However, there are some things you need to remember while shuffling the cards for tarot readings. Should you decide not to follow these rules, you may not achieve the best results. The main reason why spiritualists use specific ways for card shuffling is to improve their overall tarot reading. It allows them to focus on their questions. Before they even initiate the process, they hold down the cards and require the person requesting the reading to touch them.

The first manner in which tarot cards get shuffled remains the same manner in which you shuffle a basic deck of cards. In other words, you have to mix the cards up while having everyone involved touch them. It is the touch that creates more spiritual power.

Tarot cards can also be shuffled by holding the deck in a loose manner with one hand and then taking approximately half of what is left over and intermingling it with the second half of the deck. With this method you shuffle the cards better, but you do not have any time for physical contact.

Reverse Shuffling

For those that would like to incorporate reverse cards with their tarot readings, there are many special considerations. Reverse cards are simply those that are positioned upside down when put into their normal position. Most tarot readers avoid this strategy, as they do not care about the position the card is placed in. For them, more advanced forms of shuffling would be considered acceptable.

Personal Styles

There are quite a few tarot readers that develop their own style when shuffling tarot cards. With this strategy, what matters is following your heart; you achieve the style that is best for your abilities. The main focus is creating your own unique ritual. You have to use this method each time you shuffle. The reason why this is important is because the shuffling becomes associated with the subconscious mind. In turn, you will be able to connect to a higher spiritual level. The only downside is that you do not want to become evil with your power. You need to remember to respect the shuffling styles of other psychics. This maintains the spiritual harmony needed when doing tarot readings.

What is Included in a Shuffle

When shuffling, keep in mind that you have to do the process for a little while. Otherwise, the reader may not connect with their cards. As a psychic, try not to hurry the process. Make sure you take your time and shuffle your cards with patience. Focus while closing your eyes. Afterward, use meditation to calm both your mind and your spirit. Once you have achieved a level of calm, go on and shuffle the cards.


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