How to know if your tarot reading is accurate

How to know if your tarot reading is accurate
In tarot reading, your inner voice should always guide you.

Tarot readings primarily work on the principle of intuition. When you read the cards, you are listening to your own inner voice. Although it’s quite helpful to understand the various tarot card meanings, it isn’t always necessary. It’s more important to learn how to identify your own intuitive thoughts and reactions each card invokes. When you learn how to do this, you are more likely to have much more accurate tarot readings than by just interpreting the cards solely by their meanings .

Tarot reading is a tool to help you uncover solutions to your problems. Yes, they can be predictive, but the true effectiveness of the Tarot comes from what it shifts inside you. It’s merely a way to help you find your own answers. On some level, I believe we already know what lies in store for us. This is largely due to the fact that our own thoughts shape the course of our lives. The cards serve as triggers or markers that can bring our intuition to the conscious surface.

The Tarot teaches us that we inherently have the ability to create the lives we want. The more we work on our connection to a higher power, the easier this becomes. The Tarot serves as a method to establish a communication between ourselves and our higher purpose. The accuracy of a reading depends on how we learn how to identify our own higher self or our own inner voice. For me, these two things are one and the same.

The next time you perform a tarot reading, look for those “a-ha!” moments. It’s always helpful to evaluate your reading from your own feelings and experiences. Your gut can tell you if you are on or off. Of course there will be some readings where you simply may not be able to identify your own inner voice. That’s quite all right. Not every reading is going to flow. In fact, some of them can feel strained or forced. When this happens, you can always fallback to your basic understanding of the various tarot cards and their meanings. You can also rely on the cards position in the tarot spread to find additional meaning.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always pull some confirmation cards. People generally refer to these as clarifying cards. Clarifying cards are used to help you get more information on a subject or to get validation for a particular interpretation. You can pull clarifying cards during a reading or you can pull them after. Either way, they can ultimately deepen the tarot reading’s message and can certainly confirm as to whether you are on the right track.

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