How To Find Love Tarot Spread

How To Find Love Tarot Spread
Tarot Spreads – The How to Find Love Tarot Card Spread

One of the most standard inquiries made during a Tarot reading concerns matters of love.  One general belief is that true love is something that is outside of one’s self, that it is predestined or an act of fate. In truth, we play a significant role in our own love lives. Finding true love begins within our own selves. The first step towards finding a fulfilling relationship begins with finding love within our own inner beings.

The greatest relationships are those in which both partners have discovered who they are as individuals. When one develops a strong sense of self, their partnerships are more likely to thrive. With self-awareness and self-knowledge, one is more capable of expressing their feelings and setting appropriate boundaries. This allows both partners to develop the ability to recognize the areas in which their relationships need to grow. They can also acknowledge their own needs and better understand the needs of their partner. More importantly, for someone that is single, they can come to recognize the traits in a potential partner that are healthy or unhealthy.

The How to Find Love Spread identifies the key areas in one’s life that need to be developed in order to bring a loving relationship into one’s life.

First Card: This represents you and the key issues that are pertaining to your current love life. It often pertains to the emotional aspects that are influencing your love life.
Second Card: This card represents your behavioral patterns that are influencing your love life.
Third Card: This card represents the areas that you need to grow in order to find love.
Fourth Card: This card represents the areas you need to change or process in order to find love.
Fifth Card:  This card represents the areas within yourself that you need to liberate, express or open yourself to in order to bring love into your life.


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