How To Do Your Own Personal Tarot Readings

Learning To Do Tarot Readings For Yourself Takes Objectivity And An Open Mind

Learning how to do a tarot reading for yourself is a very different task from doing a reading for another person. Mostly this is because a person needs to learn how to be objective when doing Tarot readings for themselves.  Keeping completely neutral during the entire process can be frustratingly hard at times.  Quite often, people fall into a struggle in balancing their personal fears, projections, and expectations throughout their reading.

There are a few tools available that will help maintain a efficiently neutral mindset throughout your reading.  The most important is ensuring that you are in a comfortable space where you feel safe and at home.  While this may sound silly, this will allow you to keep yourself centered, allow you to be more at ease, and will help you keep pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings during the reading.

It is also important that you begin your self-reading by giving yourself permission and freedom to explore your own feelings to get a handle on where you may be at in that particular moment.  This will make you more aware of your own potential projections on the reading.  Pretend, for instance, that you are nervous about an upcoming event.  By giving yourself the time to acknowledge this, you will be more aware of areas where this fear may be influencing your reading.  You will absolutely end up with a more objective reading once you get the hang of this.

The next useful tool is keeping your mind open.  An open mind allows you to be more open to what the cards are telling you.  It keeps you more detached from the process.  The more we want a single outcome the harder it is to see other possible positive outcomes.  If you want to learn tarot reading you need to train your mind to not let this happen.  Preventing this will keep you from a biased perspective that can hinder your tarot reading ability.

The final active tool to mention is meditation or prayer.  This will allow you to reflect inward, and help you tap into your own awareness and intuition.  It will allow your mind to slow down just a little and prepare to do a proper reading.  It will also affect your level of consciousness, which will help with any insights and information that can be stimulated by the cards themselves.

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