Getting Quick Answers: The Three Card Tarot Spread

The Three Card Tarot Spread Provides Fast Answers To Your Most Prying Questions

Whether you have been reading the Tarot skillfully for a long time or you are just a beginner, you will often encounter a situation when you just want to receive a quick overview of a specific situation. At such times, it is best to use just a few cards for the Tarot reading. The three card spread is simple and it will keep you from getting confused with too much information and will allow you to consider each card in great depth.

To create a basic three card spread, place three cards side by side in a row. I have made some notes below about various ways to use this type of spread. There are a variety of situations in which you can use this spread and you can change the layout according to your needs.

Card 1           Card 2               Card 3

Past             Present              Future

Pro              Situation            Con

Do               Decision             Don't

Person A         Relationship         Person B

There is no really right or wrong way to arrange the three card spread. It all depends on the information you are looking for. In this situation, you are very focused on the question you are asking. To create a focused result, choose one of the patterns that is listed above. for example, if you need to choose between two employment positions, it is best to use the layout: Choice A, Outcome, Choice B. This type of spread will also provide some insight into each possible employment situation and the card that is in the center will be a guide to the most likely outcome. It is better to choose a spread before the divination begins so that you can keep your focus on the issue instead of the layout.

1. To start the reading of the tarot spreads, first relax and take some steps to clear your mind. Hold the deck in your hand and focus mentally on your situation and the concerns you have. Ask Spirit to help you in reading the tarot spreads if it feels appropriate. Shuffle the cards as you concentrate on the question that is in your mind. You will get a better answer if your question is very clear. If any cards fall out during the shuffle, place them aside. There is usually a reason why they jump out of the deck and you should include them when you read the tarot card spreads.

2. Shuffle the cards and pull out three cards from the deck. You may choose the top three cards of the deck if you wish. Another way is to sort through the deck and choose three cards that give off a sense of energy that resonates in you. In the past, I have used a pendulum to choose the cards for me. To be more creative, fan the cards and close your eyes. Choose three cards that you feel are the right ones for this occasion. There are many methods for choosing the right cards.

3. Turn over each of the cards and place them in a row representing the position you selected previously.

4. Ask yourself where the cards appear to be guiding you. What is the summary of the reading? If you are still unclear, pull more cards to get clarification. You can also have a second reading to elaborate and clarify the original reading. Just leave your first three cards spread out to serve as a point of focus and lay out three new cards below them.


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