From Idea to Construction

The amazing thing about the Web is that it's a 'virtual' thing, and largely in our imaginations (sparked by what we see and hear from our screens), but it has such concrete, material implications for societies around the world.




Wireframe World



Anyone who works with wire mesh products and designs probably uses some computer tools. The 'wireframe' view exists in many design programs. We like the poetic link, if you will, between the Web, and computers in general, and real constructions for human living spaces. Much sharing of ideas about innovative, sustainable construction is happening online.


Grids of various kinds have proven very useful to humans, both for physical structures and countless visual or information patterns. Humankind now uses mathematics to as much or more effect as previously it had used physical tools and natural resources.


Humans have a gift for conceptualizing and working with large amounts of things or pieces of information — or, for constructing large intricate objects. Naturally, at those immense scales, we find that using grids for fundamental organizing or physical bolstering is invaluable.



Web and Mesh



So much of the man-made or man-designed world has been influenced by computer-aided methods, or building materials created with the help of computers or advanced machines. Very little of our world has not been first visualized, at the very least, on an electronic screen.


There is a kind of invisible mesh built into most every object we buy or use (it's the virtual mesh of its conceptualization, its modeling before having been materialized in real substances).



Games and Homes



The fact is, with something like the Internet at humanity's disposal now, almost everything — from education to sustainable homes, from nutrition to entertainment, from safety information to pure frivolity — benefits at some stage of its development from computer technology. That technology is most accessible and most usable as the Web.


This company understands the links between advanced materials, like wire coil products, and societies that are using the same technology to share knowledge, cut costs and innovate. It's all part of the same great moment in history on earth. Everything, even a Tablet casino, which some of our customers enjoy, shows the signs of exciting, historical era.



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