Pisces Tarot Horoscope

 Tarot Astrology: Pisces Tarot Horoscope

February 19 – March 20


Pisces Tarot Suit: Cups
Pisces Element: Water
Pisces Direction: North
Pisces Season: Summer
Pisces Tarot Card: King of Cups

Tarot Astrology: Pisces Tarot Horoscope and The Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups is the suit of the “soul” and its language always refers to the emotional aspects of our daily lives. This suit sheds light on the nature of our current relationships. This suit is remarkable in its ability to give insight into the emotional landscape of our selves, as well as give insight into our love relationships and the relationships to our family. Because this suit is interconnected with the soul and the soul journey, their tarotcard meaningscan reveal past traumas that infiltrate our everyday lives and our perceptions of the world.

Because this suit refers to a container of some kind, the element is water. I believe, water is a symbol of the unconscious, the dream world, and the intuitive natures of our psyches. Water is also a mirror. This mirror reflects our emotional natures, the wounds we have endured, and the gifts we can emotionally give to others. The cups also symbolize the “nurturing” qualities that have influenced our lives. Their tarot card meanings are associated with ideas and concepts. They can be “birth cards”; the birth of a relationship, a new idea, and new actions to embark upon.  The flip side to the suit of cups, is the negative aspects to our emotions.

Pisces Tarot Horoscope Card: The King of Cups

Pisces Tarot Horoscope Card: The King of Cups

In tarot astrology, the tarot horoscope card most closely aligned with Pisces is the King of Cups. The King of Cups is mysterious in nature. He can be detached, intense and deep. Emotionally, he is quite receptive but his can, at times, be explosive. He tends to draw people towards him as he has a natural charisma. As a king, the King of Cups often reflects our initiative and desire to get things done. He is a creative soul, always examining things from new perspectives. He is known for thinking outside of the box.

The King of Cups is often associated with the arts or healing professions. He can also be a thriving businessman due to his intuitive nature.  His unique observations make him an important part of a team. He is respected and often sought out for advice. At times, he may be drawn to the field of psychology due to the need to heal both the wounds of others and of himself. As he aids in the healing of others, he heals himself. He prefers to be in a relationship and likes to be in control.

The Negative element to the King of Cups is his desire for power. The King of Cups can exploit and deceive others. He can be defensive and have difficulty trusting people. At times, he can be completely insensitive, often failing to acknowledge the feelings of others.

As a King of Cups, you live in the world of feelings. You are guided by your intuition, although you don’t always know it. Your emotional maturity draws other people towards you. They may come to your for advice and compassion. You often find yourself being called upon for your feedback. You tend to appreciate the arts and explore creative endeavors. You excel at your profession based on your professionalism and initiative. People tend to trust and respect you. Most importantly, people find your kind and compassionate.

Although you desire deep relationships, you can be controlling.  At times your need to control others alienates you from the people you love.  Your charisma can be used to manipulate people and you can be insensitive to the feelings of others.

Personality Traits:

  • Understanding
  • Enthusiastic
  • Artistic
  • Compassionate
  • Imaginative
  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive
  • Impulsive
  • Easy Going
  • Irresponsible
  • Prone to Addiction
  • Impressionable
  • Unrealistic
  • Creative

Career Aptitudes:

  • Art, Music & Writing
  • Graphic Design & Web Design
  • Medical Professions, such as a Nurse or Doctor
  • Physical Therapy
  • Veterinarian
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Academia
  • Creative Business Ventures

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