Gemini Tarot Astrology Report

May 21 – June 20

Gemini Tarot Suit:  Swords
Gemini Element:  Air
Gemini Direction: West
Gemini Season:  Fall
Gemini Tarot Card:  Knight of Swords

Tarot Astrology: Gemini and The Suit of Swords Tarot Horoscope

The suit of swords is, what I believe to be, the most powerful of all the suits.  The suit of swords “cuts” through to the truth regardless of the feelings associated with such life challenges.  It is the suit that requires the most willingness, with spiritual inferences that demand a new awareness and perception, regardless of the pain associated in making such a massive transition of consciousness.  The swords preside over the intellect and abstract thinking. The element is air and the symbolism is that of truth. Like the sword, truth can be double-edged. It can be both enlightening as well as heartbreaking. In either case, this suit calls for clarity and action. The Sword family is analytical and rational. There is greater emphasis on the mind than on the heart.

Gemini Tarot Horoscope Card: The Knight of Swords

Gemini Tarot Horoscope: The knight of Swords Tarot Card

In tarot astrology, the tarot horoscope card most closely aligned with Gemini is the Knight of Swords. The Knight of Swords is a magnetic youth, with a brilliant mind that seeks out truth. He has the ability to defeat negative energies through his ability to bring light to all that is hidden. He is an idealist and a master of abstract thinking. He lives within the world of his head, depending on his mental facilities to bring order to his world view. He is a crusader, often becoming obsessed with his passion for truth until, however, he loses interested and moves on to another cause. His level of commitment can be questionable.  Although he is a champion of the truth, he prefers the fight rather the outcome.  He is an individual you want on your side, however temporary this may be.

Like other swords court cards, the Knight of Swords struggles with his attachments. He enjoys living in his head rather than the heart. It takes him some effort to develop attachments to others. This can be a life long process for the Knight of Swords.  When he does develop these attachments, however, he makes a tremendous companion and ally. He always offers a broader perspective to those who come to him for support. He has the capacity to be intensely honest, often cutting to the truth of things, which others may interpret, as harsh and insensitive. Yet, these abilities serve him well in matters of the mind. He can, in fact, stand up to authoritative and influential people. He also has the tremendous ability to understand the most secretive elements of the natural world.

As a Knight of Swords, you are a thinker.  Your mind is your strongest asset and you are a seeker of truth. You tend to live in the world of thought and ideas. Your ideas have the ability to transform those around you. Your perspectives are unique and, often, necessary. You can bring light to areas of darkness. You are an excellent communicator and have the power of persuasion. You also have the ability to adapt too many different situations. You are not fixed, you prefer movement. Roles of leadership come easily to you and your strength is attractive to others.  You can be assertive and direct. However, these qualities can sometimes cause others to fear you so you must be diligent with your delivery of words. You can have the capacity to come across as insensitive. Although you are confident, this self-assurance can lead to impulsiveness.

In terms of relationships, you can be very independent. You may find it difficult to let people get close to you on an emotional level. You may struggle between the areas of your mind and the areas of your heart. One of your life lessons includes learning how to strike a balance between the two.

Personality Traits:

  • Communicative
  • Adaptable
  • Witty
  • Intellectual
  • Nervous
  • Curious
  • Persuasive
  • Instinctual
  • Charming
  • Outgoing
  • Original
  • Impatient
  • Tolerant
  • Youthful
  • Attention to Detail
  • Good Conversationalists
  • Superficiality
  • Fickle
  • Restless

Career Aptitudes:

  • Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Law
  • Publicist
  • Agent: Travel, Insurance, etc.
  • Event Planner
  • Writer
  • Linguistics
  • Broker: Real Estate, Stock Exchange, etc.
  • Broadcasting
  • Public Speaking
  • Television & Radio
  • Engineering
  • Economists
  • Sales
  • Correspondent
  • Teaching
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